Monday, February 23, 2009


They're all laughing at you.

You're no good. You can't.
Where can you go?
Who do you have?
Anybody else would do better, but .....You.
My life is miserable because of you.
I am great in bed, I can have anyone, but I chose You.
My family thinks you're a looser.
You don't even have any friends.
You do nothing right.
You can't do anything.
Everything's your fault.
You will not. You do not.
Everything you do...
Everything about you...
You make everyone miserable.
Do you know how that made me feel?
Don't you understand?
Why can't you?
You and your looser coupons.
What an embarrassment you are.
You ruined my day.
You don't even care.
I could've done so much better than
There's nothing wrong with you.
You need to.
You're going to.
You have to.
If it's going to get done, you have to do it.
You are the reason.
I could do so much better than you.
I could've done so much better than you. 1. 2.
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