Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daisy Dandelion Wine

photo by Manz
I thought about it for a while and was thinking about it. I was thinking about changing the name of this blog which I initially named The Writer. After good counsel I did change it.
When trying to enter an address for it upon creation, I had tried the writer. Taken.
I then tried daisy, which was taken. I like the name Daisy. It is a beautiful flower and name. I have always equated Daisy with female beauty.
Then I tried dandelion wine. Dandelion's grow all over. They are fun to pick up the seeds and blow them in the wind. Although I've never know anyone to do so, all parts of the dandelion are eatable. I have also read that one of the best homemade wines that you can make is dandelion wine, made with the yellow flowers. I tried dandelion wine. Taken.
I then thought a while and then typed in daisy dandelion wine and it was available. That would be the blog address.
I started out thinking that I would write an online book full of stories, and perhaps I will, but after a couple of entries, I couldn't decide where to go with the story, as of yet, anyway. Then I started to write some other stuff. After all, this blog, this blog of mine, is called the writer.
I became dissatisfied with the name. It was plain. Nothing poetic or artistic about it jumped out at me. It wasn't different at all. No mystery. No mystique.
The blog address kept popping out at me. "Man, why didn't I come up with something better, more poetic, artistic, to name it" I would think. Over and over. This became an obsession. I couldn't write anything because when I would come to think about it and write, all I could think about was that.
I asked my friend Manz,whom had encouraged and inspired me to start this blog, if I should change the name. Initially, she said, she wasn't sure, but then she said yes. I was glad because if she hadn't liked the changing of the name, I don't think I would have changed it.
.....and yes, I know that I've used too many I's in this posting, but that is how this posting is.
If you want to learn more about Manz and the Gritfx Team go to their blog "Cult Movie + Pop Culture Inspired T-Shirts (by GritFX) It's one of my favorite blogs. 1. 2.
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