Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moderation of the Flowers

photo by Manz
The flaming beauty of female forces. Warmth emanates from her burning
passion as she is cold dressed in mysterious darkness. Cold surrounds her, yet she warms her immediate surroundings. How can you run away from the danger when you are
cloaked in the ice cold air? She invites you to come ever more closer to her confines.
Shivering, you want to come closer, and closer, to that warmth, to touch her......and
you do. Careful not to keep your hand in the flame too long or the numbing cold in
your fingers will turn to burning. Too cold and too hot both have a similar
Flowers are such beautiful creations endowed to us all by the Great Creator. The flame wonders across the stage endowed with gifts divine. Fill the deep, dark, cold, void of cold lonely winter despair. The perfect time to get next to the passion is on a cold evening, night. 1. 2.
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