Thursday, January 8, 2009


Image by Manz
I'm not sure why, but it's fitting, this image is huge. Flood. First, beautiful picture of painting inside my mind of a perfect somber flood is somewhat intrinsic in natural nature.
Loving those close, but separated by injustice in humanistic nature we follow and flow to the extreme. Love, love love. Hate, hate, hate. Am I not human?
Rain, creek, river, lake, sea, ocean. Remember the old time days when the water inhabited and ruled the entire earth and universe? Oh, oh, only if you are beyond the sphere of the mortality of humanity.
Damn! Why did Layne Stayly have to die so young? Wasn't he such a comfort to the angriest of old and youth at the same time?
Flood. Flood. Flood.
Wondering, meandering, through injustice day and night, through the historic and fraternal history of what we call man or humanism....
Ahh, yeah, I have to say, the very best of it all, even if inspired by the morning, is music. Do you not love music, whether it is the natural song of a bird or the electric wale of a guitar? Above all music is power. So, powerful, ahhh, yeah. Can you feel it? Can you feel the music? Can you feel?
No wonder the Morning Star was the most favored of the One that we call God. The greatest musician of all, he was, and still is.
It is fun to fish. Riding in a boat is substantial. On the open water is somewhat overwhelmingly powerful and sublime fear at the same moment.
Oh.....Where were we?
Don't drive into that. It looks too deep.
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