Friday, December 5, 2008


Everyone had always called John Doe Baptist J.D. and that was fine with him. Apart from their surname being Baptist he wasn't even completely sure why his parents had named him that. He had heard that they wanted to name him John the Baptist, but thought that they shouldn't do that. Whoever heard of a middle name the? ....and they were just a little superstitious not wanting to worry about the possible bad omen of their son's head being cut off. When people were told to write their name they used the expression put your John Doe on there. This was how John Doe Baptist received his name. J.D. wasn't completely, positively, sure that this was the case, or even the truth,but knowing his Mom and Dad, he thought that it was a pretty good fit.
He'd never had much trouble with the name because everyone called him J.D. It was as if even during his childhood that people were intimidated and would rather not call him John Baptist. In fact the only time that he was referred to as John D. Baptist was on official government documents. All through school he was simply called J.D. and even on the first days of new classes they called him J.D. Baptist. He found this somewhat strange, but relished that he had his own identity when other kids who went by their middle names had such confusion and dire trouble with this often eventually causing an identity crisis in the teen age years. He was J.D. Baptist. 1. 2.
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