Monday, December 1, 2008


Who is this they? Whoever said that? If it's they then well, doesn't it have to be more than one person?
Traveling through some kind of weird atmosphere the oranga tang like vehicle soon reached it's predestined destination.
"Ahh, man." exclaimed the driver. "We are finally here."
John Doe Baptist got out of the vehicle that he had been driving. He walked a bit and then realized he forgot to lower the door. Going back, he slammed them shut and continued his vigilance on into the convenience store. Looking around he spotted what he'd been after, a coca cola. Picking it up suspciously he took it to the counter. A beautiful blond, cheerful, blue eyed lady rang him up as he paid. She wished him a great evening and he said " you too." as he walked back to the oranga tang mobile.
"man" he said. It's gettin cold and these clouds look like snow. "We'd better get going back home, Tang."
Tang started up and with that manly sound that she made they rolled on down the road toward his old house. 1. 2.
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