Monday, December 29, 2008

Door Way to 2012

Photograph by Manz
Looking up through the massive magical forest at the shining of the not so distant sun as it touched my skin the physics of science and conspiracy both began to enter my mind. Everyone seems to be so obsessed with the spirit of the occult and past prophesy. People say bad, bad things are going to happen on the winter solstice of 2012. The end of the earth as we know it. Maybe, maybe not. I'm not a seer or am I? The one abysmal fact is that on exactly this date the earth will be aligned with the somewhat newly discovered black hole somewhere behind the sun; or something like that. It only happens every 2800 or is it 28,000 earth years. Possibly this could have major effects of immediate change to mother Earth or Gaia as the Earth worshippers call the planet. Reversal of the poles. Earthquakes worldwide. Movement of the continents. etc. No one knows for sure. It's strange how men have said and believed that it takes many lifetimes for these events to occur, but that too is now being rethought. An earthquake happens and a lake is formed, a hole, a hill in minutes or less. The earthquake that caused the great Tsunami in Indonesia actually rocked the whole planet and changed the earth's tilt slightly. Maybe things happen rapidly. Change is fast. Alaska could be in the far north today and at the equator tommorrow as it once was in the past, or perhaps it's never moved but the equator has.
When the American Bison were nearly killed off, forests began to grow where none had been before.
Trees are great and mostly peaceful except when provoked. I wonder what they think? Surely they do. Hopefully they'll never revolt against us all like in that movie The Happening. The original chemical warfare.
Seeing a vision of perfect harmonious existence as if in a dream through some kind of hot air balloon; remembering once when I was free as a bird. An Indian once told me that I had the spirit of a hawk, which is ironically funny to me because of my horrendously bad eyesight. I like to believe it though. This makes me feel somehow mystically special in a depressing world where nuclear war is imminent. It is good to live in the modern age because otherwise I'd be a blind beggar.
Everything has a use and too much of anything is bad. The problem that human beings are so prone to extremes. Extremes of, well, everything. Moderation in anything is just not in the born nature of man.
Rainbow colored light flows through a prism. God's bow so that He remembers not to flood creation again, and keep His promise. NASA says that most of the planets that they can see look as though they were once flooded. Somehow this seems true and not surprising. Maybe it's just the collective unconscious or whatever that Jung talked of. I don't know.
Just looking through a door of many perceptions that can be interpreted in many ways. That's science. Outside of mathematics which few grasp all the science is; is a religion. A theory, a belief, a hypothesis, based on correlations, one fact and many assumptions, you gotta believe.....I guess it's better to believe in something than nothing. It must suck to be an atheist. The devils disciple is happier than he.
Most paintings are shaped like windows. You could say it's a window into a different world and maybe it is, but I think they're shaped that way to mimic a window from a building so that you can look into instead of out into something extraordinary or not. Look into a moment in time. Look into a feeling. Look into someone's soul. Look into feeling.
Give a tree a hug and see how that feels. Listening to the scurry of the scurrying. Oh, wow, that sun shining through feels somewhat good. Feeling the warmth on a chilly day.
Blue, blue sky on gray day. The woods, the forest, is alive. It even produces it's own weather. How can that be? I can not do that with all of my power. The collective living unheard voice of the trees provides itself a drink when thirsty and nourishment. What a great gift from God these creatures have been blessed with. The natives understand and so do the jews. Although in the middle of a barren land the area the world calls Israel is the most productive land on earth per square mile. It was a barren wasteland not even a hundred years ago. Quite amazing, but they planted trees.
Pale blue heavens sky with tall legs and green hair,
Reaching up to salute God,
Giving peace and providing;
proof that people are insignificant
having no power as a deity or a god
to even change the smallest of things without
making a mess of everything. 1. 2.
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